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Visalia, California

California Breeder Directory

Here's a list of breeders in California and a description of the birds they raise & enjoy. To see a list of the birds that are currently available for purchase, please take a moment to visit our Classifieds page. 

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Debi Heaven Sent Ranch
Black Copper Marans, four lines for 2012: (Some still available for this year, please see waiting list on site.)  Bev Davis, Wade Jeane, Cottage Hill, & Heaven Sent Ranch.  Blue Orpingtons, Splash Orpingtons, Royal Palm Turkeys.  All available for your consideration in the way Northern part of California!  Ships.  Red Bluff, CA 96080 (listed 6/11)
URL: http://www.heavensentranch.com
Email: heavensentranch@clearwire.net

Jodi Bracken Ridge Ranch
Raising Button Quail for 27 years and writer for Gamebird Gazette. Sell/ship Button Quail hatching eggs (White, Slate, Silver Red Breasted, Normal Blue Breasted, Cinnamon, Blue Faced and many mutations).  My web articles: www.gamebird.com  (Those Darling Button Quail)
URL: www.ncws.com/mcdonald
Email: mcdonald@ncwebsurfer.com

Rose Breasted Cockatoos & African Greys.  (updated 6/09)
Email: pinkbird1@sbcglobal.net


James & Michael  J & M's Amazing Animals
Parent raised/handfed parakeets, parent raised/handfed English Budgies, parent raised/handfed parrotlets & toys.
URL: http://www.freewebs.com/jnmamazinganimals
Email: jdiaz916@comcast.net

Jenny Jenny’s Birds
All my birds are parent raised, I breed Lady Gouldian Finches in green, yellow, & blue back. Owl Finches, Society Finches, Diamond Doves & Gloster Canaries. I also breed exhibition quality English Zebra Finches. Sacramento, CA  (listed 1/12)
URL: http://www.jennysbirds.com
Email: jennysbirds@gmail.com  Telephone: 916-606-0133

Linda  Sweetwater Poultry
Chickens: Black Copper Marans. Hatching eggs, chicks, & started birds for sale.  Roseville, CA  (updated 6/09)
URL: www.sweeth2o.us 
Email: sweeth2o1@gmail.com

Lyne  Bryngyld
Chickens; Ameraucanas, bantams and large fowl in Black Gold and Blue Gold, Blue Laced Red, and Lavender. Sacramento, CA  (updated 6/09)
URL: http://www.bryngyld.com/Ameraucana 
Email: lyne@bryngyld.com  Yahoo! ID: lyne612

Patricia  Birds in Willows
Macaws, cockatoos, conures, eclectus, greys, amazons and meyers parrots.
URL: http://www.freewebs.com/birdsinwillows/
Email: birdsinwillows4u@yahoo.com  Telephone: 530-934-5175

Tim & Paul Silver Bar Ranch
Lovebirds, Cockatiels, and Parakeets. Specializing in black masked, blue masked, and fischer lovebirds. Wholesale lots only (50 bird minimum). Ships to major U.S. cities via Air Freight.  Oroville, CA -- 1 hour north of Sacramento (updated 11/11)
Email: timpittman@sbcglobal.net  Telephone: 530-588-3727

Bay Area

Debra  Deb's Pocket Parrots
Specializing in Peach Face Lovebirds and Pacific Parrotlets All color mutations. All babies hand fed from 10 days old.  Close leg banded.  34 years experience.  Concord, CA  (listed 2/10)
Email: Shelbyalice@msn.com

Karen  Golden Gate Linnies Aviary
Small private climate controlled aviary.  We breed Hand raised and hand fed Lineolated Parakeets. Green, Cobalt, Turquoise, Lutino, Creamino.  All birds comes with DNA certificate.  Ships US only.  San Francisco, Ca 94132  (listed 4/13)
URL: www.goldengatelinniesaviary.com
Email: Karen@goldengatelinniesaviary.com   Telephone: (415) 508-9401

Ken, Tom, & Tim  Bay Area's Dutch Bantams
Have year-round show quality pure Dutch bantams for sale -- young adult pullets and cockerels from several varieties: Light Brown, Cream Light Brown, Silver Dutch, Blue and Columbian Buff Dutch. All Dutch came from quality and best bloodlines available in the Bay Area. (listed 12/12)
Email: gshausk9@gmail.com

Shanna  Color on the Wing
Umbrellas, Rose Breasted, Maxi Pionus, White Cap Pionus, Cockatiels, and more. Distributor of Hagen, ZuPreem, Avitech and other products with an online shopping cart! (updated 6/09)
URL: www.coloronthewing.com
Email: shanna@coloronthewing.com

Central Valley

Lady Gouldians (normals - orange & red heads, and also white breasted). Bakersfield, CA
Email: AKPREX04@yahoo.com  Telephone: 661-587-5124

Silver Phoenix, French Black Copper Marans, Silkies, Frizzles, Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Olive Eggers/Mint Chocolate Chip (Marans-Ameraucauna cross).
Sanger, CA (updated 2/13)
Email: blue_gown@hotmail.com

Cochin Bantams (white straight/frizzled, black, blue straight/frizzled, barred, buff, berchin, columbians, brown, red), Phoenix (red, silver, golden), Asels (dark, partridge, silver), others.  Bakersfield, CA  (updated 6/09)
URL: http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa3/dachickens/
Email: aalvinn36@yahoo.com 

Angi  HHH Farms
Kelly Cratty line Cuckoo Marans, hatching eggs, chicks, started birds. Wade jean Black Copper Marans (waiting list full for Spring 09). Mottled black heritage turkeys, Kevin Porter lines, hatching eggs, poults and started birds. Black and Chocolate Muscovy ducks, hatching eggs, ducklings and started birds. Jumbo Coturnix quail, hatching eggs for sale.
 Hanford, CA (updated 6/09)
URL: http://www.tripplehfarms.com and http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M19354 
Email: support@tripplehfarms.com    Telephone: 559-286-3030 Walkie Talkie (nextel/boost) 117*936*2445

Arsham & Angela  Pick A Pet Bird Farm
Wholesale birds, cages, supplies, & feed. Zebra Finches (Normal and Crested), Parakeets (Normal and Crested), Society Finches (Normal and Crested) Shaft Tails, Star Finch, Gouldians, Cockatiels, Love Birds, Canaries, Grasskeets, Button Quails & more.  Fresno, CA (updated 2/11)
Email: ammo3386@yahoo.com  Telephone: 559-277-0717 or 559-213-1286

Caitlyn  Feather Acres
Chickens; Specializing in rare Breed Poultry Preservation. Breeding Show Quality Silkies in blue, black, splash.  Standard & Bantam chickens - faverolles, cornish, brahmas, OEG, rosecombs, polish. Bourbon Red turkeys. Standard & Bantam ducks - Australian Spotteds, silkys, runners, muscovies. Giant Dewlap Toulouse geese. Hatching eggs, babies & started birds for sale.  Sanger, CA
URL: www.featheracres.com
Email: featheracrescait@yahoo.com

Carol G.
Specializing in grasskeets. Scarlet Chested or Splendid Grasskeets, Red Belly YellowTurquoisines, Rosey Broukes, Parrotlets, Lady Gouldian Finches and Cockatiels.  Fresno, CA  (updated 6/09)
Email: cgjaspercorky@hotmail.com  Telephone: 559-442-8725

Carol W.  Carol's Bunch
Cockatiels, Finches, Linneolated Parakeets, Parrolets, & rescues.  Kingsburg, CA
Email: carolca03@yahoo.com  Yahoo! ID: carol48

Danny & Debbie
Zebra Finches (rare colors), Canaries, Indian Ringnecks, & Racing Pigeons.
Email: beeman503@yahoo.com

NEWDebbie  Deb's Birds
4-H family raising show quality chickens & hatching eggs -- Modern Game Bantams (Lemon Blue/Brown Red/Lemon Splash), Marans (Black Copper/Blue Copper/Splash), & Isbars (Blue & Black) Also Pheasants (Red-Golden), Button Quail (Cinnamon/Red Breast/Silver/Tuxedo/White), Call Ducks (Gray/Snowy/White), Diamond Doves (Red), Zebra Finches (Saddleback & White), and still enjoying our lovely little Lady Gouldian Finches (Green & Yellow).  Madera, CA  (updated 1/16) 
URL: www.debsbirds.com
Email: debsbirds@gmail.com

Debbie  Debbie's Bird Connection
Cockatiels, Budgies, Society, Black Cheek and Gouldian Finch, Diamond Doves, Button Quails, Senegals, Congos and Timneh Greys, Shaft tail finches, Crimson rosellas, Dusky conures, Parrotlets, Princess of Wales, lost & found assistance, & rehoming. Visalia, CA (updated 9/09)
Email: msdabby@sbcglobal.net 

Doris  Miller Farm
Cockatiels, Scarlet-Chested Parakeets, and Rosie Bourkes. Visalia, CA - No shipping. (updated 2/11)
Email: millerfarm2000@hotmail.com  Yahoo! ID: birdmomdoris

Erik & Julie Wings of Love
Specializing in hand fed: Greys, Macaws, Cockateils, Lovebirds, Finches, Conures, Parakeets, Canarys. Sometimes we have virgin breeding stock. (listed 9/09)
Email: Wingsoflove@ymail.com 

Freddie  Freddie Aviaries
Canaries. Madera, CA  (updated 9/13)
Email: freddieaviaries@yahoo.com  Telephone: 559-661-8705 (no calls after 9:00 pm)

Silver spangled Hamburgs, Crele Polish, Gold Cuckoo Marans, Norwegian Jærhøn, Hambars,
Coarsegold, CA (updated 2/13)
Email: mailto:subiadrafts@yahoo.com

June  Sunshine Aviary
Canaries (crested ,yellow, citron yellow, & white).  Clovis, CA  (updated 1/10)
Email: canary777lady@yahoo.com  Telephone: 559-294-0939  Yahoo! ID: canary777lady

Justin & Mike  Bird Heaven Aviaries
Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Illiger, Hahns & Noble Macaws, Congo & Timneh Greys, White Bellied Caiques, White Front, Yellow Nape, Blue Front & Red Lored Amazons. Umbrella Cockatoos, Senegals, Red Bellies, Meyers, White Cap & Blue Head Pionus, African Ringnecks. Halfmoon, Sun, Maroon Bellied Conures. Green Cheek Mutations - Yellow Sided, Cinnamon, Turquoise, Pineapple & Cinnamon Turquoise. Solomon Island Eclectus. Scarlet Chest Mutations (Blue & Cinnamons), Yellow Turquoisines, Rosy & Normal Bourkes, Red Rump Mutations - Cinnamon, Lutino, Normals, Opalines, Blue & Blue Opalines. Pacific Parrotlets - Green, Blue, American White, American Yellow, Lutino & Albino.  Selma, CA
URL: www.birdheavenaviaries.com
Email: birdheavenaviary@aol.com 

Lewis Feather Farm
Black cheeks, finches, black face finches,normal zebra finches, red diamond doves and normal diamond doves. No shipping. Clovis, CA  (updated 11/11)
URL: http://featherfarm46.webs.com/ 
Email: featherfarm45@sbcglobal.net  Telephone: 559-246-6902

Maggie  Rainbow Paradise Aviaries
Parisian Frill Canaries & Red-Golden Pheasants.  Squaw Valley, CA (updated 2/11)
Email: payosmom@yahoo.com  Yahoo! ID: payosmom

Marla  Chick-Ens n’ Eggs
Chickens; Wyandottes, Buff Orpington, Light Sussex, French Wheaten Marans, French Copper Marans, Giant Cochin (Buff, Blue, Black, Splash, Lemon-Blue and Golden Laced), Ameraucana (Blue, Black, Splash and Lavender), Welsummers and Rhode Island Red. We are a small family farm in the fertile San Joaquin Valley that takes pride in what we do and the old fashioned values we adhere to. For the past 10 years, our focus has been on organic produce, waterfowl and poultry. We also sell fresh eggs in a "rainbow" of colors. (listed 7/10)
Email: estate@lightspeed.net  Telephone:
(559) 269-3143
URL: http://www.chick-ensneggs.com

Martin  M & M Avaries
Red Cheecked Cordon Bleu, Lavender Waxbill, Peter's Twinspot, Purple Grenadier, Green Backed Twinspot, Red Bill Firefinch, Red Faced Stars, Shaftails, Fawn Shaftails, Red Headed Parrotfinch pied mutation, Blue Headed Parrot Finch, Lady Gouldians, Rosella Goldenmantle Rubino, Pacific Parrotlet, Red Rump Opaline, Green singer, Cuban Melodious, Saffrons, and more.  Modesto (1 hour south of Sacramento).
URL: www.finchzone.com 
Email: finch_zone@yahoo.com

Silkies, Bantam Wyandottes, Call Ducks, Mallard Ducks, Madarin Ducks, Wood Ducks, and Ringneck Pheasants.  Madera, CA  (listed 3/15) 
Email: meganbowe17@yahoo.com

Natalie  Hill Top Birds
Hand fed/handled Sun Conures, Cockatiels, Indian Ringneck, Lilac Crown Amazon and Crimson w/blue mutation Rosellas.  Clovis, CA
Email: Natshel0521@msn.com  Yahoo! ID: natdoll2003

Pam  Bird Tree Aviary
Green-wing Macaws, Blue & Gold macaws, conures, amazons, cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets. Hand-fed babies, well socialized. Also take in rescue birds.  (listed 6/09)
Email: shadowgirl415@yahoo.com  Telephone: 559-709-4488

Patricia  Flying Rainbows Aviary
Zebra Finches (orange cheeks and white/grey combos), Lady Gouldian Finches, Red-Cheeked Cordon Bleues, Heck’s Shafttails, Owl Finches, Splendids (Scarlet-Chested Grass Parakeets) & Yellow Turquoisines. All my birds are raised outdoors in a spacious flight aviary and are very hardy and healthy. Most babies are parent-raised. I feed premium diets and medicate regularly. I’m a hobbyist and I sell a few babies to keep the flock manageable….not doing this as a “business”. All my birds are treated with wonder and love! Open to trade for all types of Finches and Grasskeets. Fresno, CA (listed 7/10)
Email: Patriciabell7@comcast.net  Telephone: 559-352-8578

NEWSarah & Bryson  Good Shepherd Farms
We specialize in lavender orpingtons, buff orpingtons, cuckoo marans, silver laced wyandottes, and gold laced wyandottes.  Frazier Park, CA in Kern County (listed 11/15)
URL: www.goodshepherdfarms.org  Telephone: 818-826-3435
Email: sarahrobbins7@gmail.com

Shirley  Feathered Flights / Your Best Friends Inn
Zebra finches (normal to black cheeked) , 1/2 English parakeets, love birds, cockatiels and society finches, yellow red rumps, Bourkes, Cinnamon Bourkes, splendids. HAND FEDS WHEN AVAILABLE: yellow sided green-checked conures, cinnamon green-cheeks conures, blue-crown conures, moustache, love birds, cockatiels. Also breeder of Yorkshire dogs. Call for puppies available. Visalia, CA  (updated 7/10)
URL: http://www.yourbestfriendsinn.com/index.html 
Email: shirleybird55@yahoo.com  Yahoo! ID: shirleybird55

Central Coast

Ringneck doves in various colors including: white, violetneck, tangerine, pearl backs, and ash. Raising birds has been my hobby for over 20 years. I also have cockatiels, parakeets, and white homing pigeons for sale at various times. Feel free to contact me to find out more information.  Santa Maria, CA 93458  (updated 6/09)
Email: BigotonSM805@aol.com 

Don  Don's Birds 'n' Supplies
G/W Macaws, Greys, Timneh Greys, Lesser Jardines, Goffins and Rosebreasted Cockatoos, Philippine Bluenapes. Pyrrhura Conures: Rose-fronted (roseifrons), Fiery-shouldered (egregia), Duyvenbodes Lories'. White-bellied and Black-headed Caiques. I do not transfer unweaned birds. Various other species available seasonally also.
URL: www.donsbirds.com 
Email: DonsBirdsnSupply@aol.com

Laurel  Central Coast Birds
Scarlet-Chested Grass Parakeets (some mutations), Turquoisine Grass Parakeets (normal and yellow), Rosy Bourkes, Diamond Doves, Lady Gouldian Finches, Owl Finches, Star Finches, Society Finches, Button Quail. Arroyo Grande, CA  (updated 6/09)
Email: laurel@laurelsherrie.com 

Breeds waterslager canaries, red factored canaries, lady gouldians (normals, blues and yellows), splendids, button quail.  Santa Barbara, CA
Email: montimurphy@yahoo.com  Telephone: 805-680-1442

High Desert

Heather  Heathers Feather Farm
Chickens; Standard BLR's (imported lines), Buff & Blue/Splash/Black silkies, Lemon Blue, Blue Fawn, Brown Red, and Birchin Modern Game, Lemon Blue Cochin bantams Waterfowl; Mandarins (white and normal), Sebastopols, Show Quality Muscovy Ducks. Peafowl and Turkeys; Pied Peafowl, Java muticus-muticus, Lilac Turkeys, Exotics; East African Crowned Cranes, Frill Back Pigeons, Cockatiels, Valley Quail, Zebra and Society finches, Other Livestock; Lamancha Goats, Flemish Giant Rabbits, and Mini Rex Rabbits.  (updated 6/09)
URL: www.heathersfeatherfarm.net  Telephone: 661-944-9930
Email: thlangdon@sbcglobal.net

Jessica & Todd  Faint-Hearted Ranch
Chickens; red stars, leghorns, Aracaunas, Wyandottes, Speckled Sussex, Light Brahmas. We also have Bantams, Silkies and Crosses. We sell fertile eggs, Chicks, pullets, hens and Roosters. Lancaster, CA.
URL: www.faintheartedranch.net 
Email: toddsjess@aol.com 

Lee  Blakely Birds
Zebra Finches (Florida Fancy, Fawn, Gray).
Email: leeblakely@yahoo.com 

Lori  Cockatoo-dle-doo Aviary
Blue & Gold Macaws, Greenwing Macaws, Vos Eclectus, Orange Wing Amazons, Triton Cockatoos, Goffin Cockatoos, Lesser Cockatoos, and Umbrella Cockatoos.
Email: cockatoodledoo@earthlink.net 

Rosie  Motherbird Gardens
White Finch, Crested Bengalese Finch, Pied Peach Faced Love Birds, Blue & Gold Macaws, and Lutino lovebirds. Near Palm Springs, CA
Email: Thehulejs@aol.com

Low Desert

Chickens: Bearded Silkies (Gray, Buff, White), Bantam Polish, WC Blue, WC Black, Buff Laced, Frizzles and Smooth. Button Quail, Coturnix Quail. Starter chicks, Adults, Hatching eggs for sale. Shipping available weather permitting.  Indio, CA  (updated 6/09)
Email: sgordonwindsor@earthlink.net  Telephone: 760-342-1649

Los Angeles

Andre  Andre's Aviaries
Pennants (crimson, yellows, blues), Rosellas (stanleys, lutino rubino, bubinos), Kakarikis (all mutations), Red Rumps (all mutations).
Email: frogart@msn.com

Chihuahua  Chihuahua's Cream Shafttails
Cream, normal/cream, Isabel and normal Shafttails.  (updated 6/09)
URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12034771@N07/sets/
Email: chihuahuamarez@yahoo.com  Telephone: 818-759-4960

Gonzalo  G&G Birds
Lady Gouldians (normals, yellows, blues, silvers, pastels, and split to blues), Society finches, Zebra finches, and Star finches. Pasadena CA
Email: ggbirds@yahoo.com  Telephone: 626-390-2454

Hobby breeder of indian ringnecks, parrolets, turqusines, greencheek conure, rosellas, red rumps, and bourkes. I have been doing this for 31 years. Ventura County, CA (listed 2/11)
Email: hanabet@yahoo.com  Telephone: 805-228-2724 (cell) 805-228-2724 (home)

Kate  OC Seramas
Click here to see Kate's full listing.

Marc  3 Ring Aviary
Lady Gouldian Finches, Owl Finches, Star Finches, & Greeen Singers.  All our babies are born and raised outdoors by their parents. Our birds are beautiful and so are their babies.  Thousand Oaks, CA -- Serving San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles  (listed 2/11)
Email: MLSCAPITAL@AOL.COM   Telephone: 818-438-1680

Mark  Zuniga's Birds
Lovebirds, Peachface Mutations: Lutino's, Lutino Orangeface, Green and Green Orangeface, Creamino's, Dutch Blues; Black Mask mutations: Green or Blue Black Mask; Fischer Lovebirds Mutations: Dilute Yellows, Blue and Cobalt Blue Fischer's, and Mauve Fischer's. We also have Cockatiels available both for breeding and Handfeds also available.
URL: http://www.geocities.com/zunigasbirds
Email: zunigasbirds@yahoo.com

Neil  The House of the Red Canary
Breeder and Exhibitor Of Colorbred Canaries.
Email: riveronneil@yahoo.com   Telephone: (562) 884-9162

Rein  BIRDS by Nature
Macaws, Cockatoos, Conures, Lories, Amazons, & Congo African Greys.
Email: Bigparrots@aol.com 

Ruth  Ruth's Wings
Breed and show English Budgies; breed Cockatiels and Parrotlets, as well as hand feed.  (updated 6/09)
Email: cocosatyn@hotmail.com 

Shey  Summerhill Aviary
English Exhibition Budgies, Canaries, Zebra Finches, Society Finches, & Diamond Doves. Ventura County, CA
URL: www.summerhillaviary.com
Email: Sheymar@earthlink.net

Kakarikis & Ringnecks Red Rumps.
URL: http://community.webtv.net/Kakarikis/StanOntarioCalif909 or Birds for Sale: http://community.webtv.net/Asiatics/BIRDSFORSALE
Email: Kakarikis@webtv.net 

Inland Empire

Carina  ChickEdee Farm
Chickens; We are dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the bearded Silkie bantam and SC bantam leghorn. We specialize in white, blue, black, splash, buff, and partridge Silkies. We are also working on improving the cuckoo Silkie and showgirls in the white variety. Our leghorns variety are blue and black. Hatching eggs, started birds & adult birds for sale.  Gavilan Hills, CA
URL: www.chickedeefarm.com 
Email: chickedeefarm@verizon.net 

Cherie & Louise  C & L Paint Horses
Silkies (variety of colors), Guinea fowl, Cockatiels (Normal, Whiteface, Cinnamon, Fallow, Pastel, Emerald and Pied -- both parent and handrasied), & Opaline Lovebirds (variety of colors).  Also raise horses & sheep.  Ships hatching eggs from EBay sales.  Southern CA (updated 7/10)
URL: www.clpainthorses.com  Distributors of DAC & Robinhood Products
Email:  lv2winn@yahoo.com  Telephone: (951) 928-0307

Cherie & Louise  On A Wing An A Prayer
We raise Cockatiels (Normals, Whiteface, Cinnamon, Fallow, Pastel, and Emerald), Lovebirds Peachfaced, including Opaline (variety of colors) along with Masked. We also have American Parakeets, English Budgies & Lineolated Parakeets (Linnies) all colors & mutations. A few Parrotlets, Blue, Blue Pied & American White. The majority of our chicks are hand-fed, but do have parent raised on occasion along with breeder birds. We are experienced shippers. (listed 10/12)
URL: www.onawinganaprayer.com/ 
Email: onawinganaprayer@yahoo.com  Telephone: (951) 928-0307

Dieter Sun City Birds
Cockatiels and Love Birds. Sun City, CA 92586 (listed 12/10)
URL: http://www.suncitybirds.weebly.com
Email: scbirds@yahoo.com

Gayvonne  AGH Aviaries
I have been raising different birds for 15 yrs. The last 4 years I have gone almost exclusive to Exhibition English Budgies for the show bench. I do have a couple pair of linnies, bourkes and pineapple gn cheeks I do not HF the English.  Nuevo, CA  (listed 8/12)
Email: wygvn@yahoo.com

Fern Joyful Hearts Farm
Chickens; Small backyard flock of Cuckoo Marans from Linda Hamid's original stock; Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. We offer hatching eggs, started birds, adult stock & Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for sale. Temecula, CA
URL: www.JoyfulHeartsFarm.com 
Email: JoyfulHeartsFarm@aol.com 

Jim & Debbie Amber Waves Silkies
Bearded Bantam Silkies, White, Blue, Black, Buff, Splash, Partridge, and coming soon Lavender.  As featured on the Tori and Dean Show on Oxygen. NPIP Certified. Chicks, young adults. Ship nationwide or pickup by appointment. Visitors Welcome by Appointment.  Norco, CA (listed 11/10)
URL: http://showsilkies.com  or http://silkiesforsale.com
Email: debbie@amberwaves.info  Telephone: Jim's cell 951-233-4231 home 951-736-1076

Janet Eye Candy for Cats Aviaries
English Zebras, many mutations, Stars, Owls and Lady Gouldians.  No shipping.  Yucaipa, CA  (updated 6/09)
Email: janedmds@yahoo.com  

Jodi Jodi's Exotic Birds
Raising B&G and Severe Macaws, Congo African Grey, Jardine’s and Senegal Parrots, Sun, Jenday, Blue-Crowned and Cherry-Headed Conures. I have 20+ years experience. (updated 9/13)
URL: www.JodisExoticBirds.net   Phone: 951-776-4402
Email: Jodi@JodisExoticBirds.net

Kate  OC Seramas
Click here to see Kate's full listing.

Kevin  KC Birds
Peafowl- White, Silver Pied, Black Shoulder Silver Pied, White-eyed, Opal, Black Shoulder, Purple & a few other colors. Emerald Spalding & Pied/Silver Pied Spalding. Harlequin & Mottled Turkeys. Blue & white Showgirls & Silkies.  Hatching eggs, chicks, young birds, & adults for sale.
Email: kcbirds@gmail.com

Laura  Finch Fanatic
English and Mutation Zebras, Scarlet-chested Parakeets, Red Diamond Doves, Lady Gouldians (normal and Yellow), Bluecap Waxbills, Bronzewing Mannikins. No shipping.  (updated 8/12)
Email: lwatkins6108@gmail.com

Lyle  L&L Exotics
Specializing in mutation varieties Princess of Wales, Redrumps, Splendids, Elegants, & Bourkes.  (updated 6/09)
URL: www.landlexotics.com
Email: lylestromsodt@yahoo.com

Parent and handfed cockatiels, no silvers or fallows; American Parakeets, lovebirds, CherryHead Conures.
Email: jampatsilky@yahoo.com 

Steven Feathers Fins & Foliage
I raise currently: Sun Conures, Violet & Pied Mutation Peace Face Lovebirds, Keets and English Keets, Lineolated Keets, Cockatiels and Pacific Parrotlets. 98% of my babies are handfed from the age of two weeks or less. I also offer a wide selection of cages and supplies at a discount price. Yucaipa, CA 92399 (listed 12/10)
URL: www.feathersfinsandfoliage.com
Email: Justouttatheegg@gmail.com


Lady Gouldian Finches (Normals, Yellows, Blues) & Owl Finches.
Email: birdlover1923@yahoo.com 

Cynthia Cute Critters
Hobby breeder of pet and breeder quality English Budgies, both parent-raised and tame parent-raised chicks that have been handled since birth. Also provide adult breeder cockatiels in lutino, whiteface, pearl, cinnamon, and albino mutations. We have aviary raised standard parakeets in various unique colors (no normals) such as pied, cinnamon, clearwing, opaline, violet, and lutinos. Also have a very limited amount of Linnies available occasionally. No shipping. Anaheim,CA (listed 1/11)
URL: www.cutecritters.webs.com
E-mail: cutecritters_07@hotmail.com

David  Country Manor II Pet Therapy
Cockatoos, Eclectus, African Greys, Macaws, Senegals, Pacific Parrotlet Mutations, Crimson Bellied Conures, Green Check Mutations, Indian Ring Necks, & King Parrots.
URL: http://daddieo.homestead.com/
Email: daddieo@hotmail.com

Kate  OC Seramas
Serama's, the smallest chickens in the world.  Shipping available at $60 per box.  Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Orange, and San Diego Counties. (listed 9/10)
URL: www.OCSeramas.com
Email: SavMeyers@aol.com  Telephone: (714) 516-1235

Norman  Norm’s Aussies
Pale head Rosellas, Turquoisine (normal & yellow), Normal, Rosey, Rainbow Bourkes, Elegants, Splendid (Scarlet Chested) Grass Parakeets and Cinnamon Red Rumps.  Orange, CA (listed 1/10)
Email: normsaussies@sbcglobal.net  Telephone: 714 321-3653

San Diego

Cristal  Little Angels Aviary
Lovebirds (Different species/mutations) Cockatiels (mutations/normals), Pacific Parrotlets (Normals) and American Budgies.
URL: www.geocities.com/littleangelsaviary/ 
Email: littleangelsaviary@yahoo.com  Yahoo! ID: littleangelsaviary

Dan & Dianna  Gouldian Gardens
Focused on high quality Gouldians of all colors, along with breeding fire finches, blue caps, Florida Fancy Zebra Finches.  Escondido, CA  (updated 6/09)
URL: www.gouldiangardens.net
Email: Milnertrax@aol.com  Telephone: 760-233-1435

Kate  OC Seramas
Click here to see Kate's full listing.

Lynne  Wingshadows Hacienda
Chickens; Belgian Bearded Bantam D'Uccles (Mille Fleur & Black Mottled) Hatching eggs & Young & Adults available.  Bantam Cochins (Mille Fleur, Buff & Red ) Hatching eggs, Young & Adults available.  Standard Cochins (Lemon Blue) Hatching eggs & Young & Adults available Fall 2009.  Will Ship.  Warner Springs, CA  (updated 6/09)
URL: www.localharvest.org/listing.jsp?id=11467 
Email: wwmicasa1@aol.com  Telephone: 951-767-2710

Mary Ann Quest Haven Pets
Rose-breasted cockatoos, Lesser sulfer crested cockatoos, citron cockatoos, african greys, and blue front amazons. All our birds are in spacious out door flights and get fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. All our babies are kept in full flight and we do sell aviaries. The babies come with DNA sex certification, baby photos, and lots of love. Ships.  (updated 11/09)
URL: www.questhavenpets.com

Email: questhavenpets@sbcglobal.net  Telephone: 760-591-3111

Natalie Namaste Farms
Raises chickens and geese: Bev Davis marans, showgirls, show quality ameracaunas, giant Cochins, blue orpingtons, java green peafowl, Sebastopol geese, call ducks. 4-H poultry leader for Murrieta.  Temecula, CA  (updated 8/09)
URL: www.namastefarms.com
Email: littleee@mac.com 

Ron  Button Up Aviary
Hanging Parrots, Fig Parrots, & Softbill Songbirds.
Email: ron@buttonupaviary.com 



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